Indian Railways announces Several Welfare Measures for Sahayaks/License Porters.

Rajan mishra

New Delhi, 07th March, 2019

Sahayaks are the integral part of Indian Railways. They act as a link between Railways and the passengers being available round the clock for the convenience of the passengers. Presently approximately 20,000 Sahayaks are working over various railway stations of Indian Railways. With the advent of lifts and escalators on railway stations along with increased usage of luggage trolleys, the role of license porters has under gone change. In view of persistent demands from license porters and to make their working more comfortable, Indian Railways has taken several measures towards their welfare

·        Uniform:  Presently, two red shirts are supplied every year as Uniform and one woollen shirt is also given once in two years in lieu of one red shirt. It has been decided to supply  three red shirts  and  one woolen shirt  every year..

·        Issue of passes: At present, one set of complimentary cheque pass and one set of Privilege Ticket Order ( PTO)  for self and spouse is being given to Sahayaks.  It has been decided to give two sets of Privilege Ticket Orders (PTOs) for self and wife every year.

·        Extension of validity of cheque pass: Presently, the validity of the complimentary pass issued to Sahayaks  is two month. It has been decided to extend the  validity of the complimentary pass to   five months  at par with railway staff.

·        Rest room facilities : Presently,  Sahayak can utilize the facility of waiting halls, laterins, canteens etc  provided at  stations for passengers.  Some stations have also been provided with Sahayaks Rest Rooms.  Now it has been decided that Sahayaks Rest Rooms will be progressively provided at all stations having a strength of 50 and more Sahayaks.  These Rest Rooms will be provided with  TV, RO water and barrack beds.

·        Path ways: Sahayaks are free to use railways’ Light trolleys/Hand barrows for carriage of passenger luggage.  It has been decided that the  pathways shall  be constructed at all major stations for smooth movement of trolleys/Hand barrows.

·        Free Education for wards of Sahayaks:  Presently, free education facility is being provided to the wards of Sahayaks in the schools run by Railways’ and Railwaymen’s organization/Mahilla Samitis.  It has been decided to extend the facility to the schools  run by Railways and Railwaymens’ organization /Mahila samitis at any station in  the division where the Sahayaks  are working.
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