Alleging malpractices and irregularities in the release of CDF grants, a battalion of NPP workers led by Mr. Harsh Dev Singh JKNPP Chairman and Mr. Yash Paul Kundal State President Young Panthers held a massive demonstration near press club Jammu seeking stoppage of operation of finances and CDF by members of suspended assembly. The protestors alleging nexus of politicians and officers in release of such funds in the most irregular and clandestine manner called for the indulgence of Governor and raised slogans against Planning Deptt and Rural Dev Deptt in particular.
Addressing media persons, Mr. Harsh Dev Singh said that members of suspended assembly are not entitled to exercise powers and privileges which are available in case of Regular Assembly and hence can’t exercise financial powers to release the CDF grants. He said that a highly fraudulent mechanism was however being adopted by MLAs in connivance with unscrupulous officers to operate the said grants which needed due cognizance of the Governor. Several MLAs had got backdoor estimates prepared from certain govt Deptts with a highly notorious Rural Dev Deptt being in the lead, and had manoeuvred the issuance of a highly irregular order from the planning Deptt for release of CDF grants in respect of estimates already prepared. He said that there were reports of such huge backdated estimates costing hundreds of crores having been prepared by Rural Dev Deptt which has already earned the most dubious distinction of being the most corrupt Deptt. He said not only were the backdated estimates prepared but several officers had entertained backdated requisitions of MLAs for release of CDF grants. He revealed that one of the BJP MLAs had spent merely 70-80 lacs rupees in three and half years but had issued backdated letters for release of over six crores of CDF on a single day after the suspension  of assembly. He said that the MLA was being assisted in the highly fraudulent and irregular move by certain officers/officials of District Udhampur for vested interests which needed a thorough probe followed by appropriate penal action against the delinquents.
Mr. Yash Paul Kundal said that the recent order of Planning Deptt issued on 06-07-2018 after the lapse of 17 days from the date of suspension of assembly also defied logic. He said that the order was also being mis-represented and mis-interpreted by various vested interests to defraud the public exchequer and illegally withdraw the CDF grants without valid authority of law.
Seeking the indulgence of the Hon’ble Governor, the NPP leaders called for strict vigil and due surveillance over all such irregular practices in view of nexus of politicians and officers. Mr. Singh called upon the bureaucrats not to succumb to the political pressures of the politicians who were desperately exploring ways and means to use their accumulated CDF funds for vested interests despite having lost the power to do so. Reminiscing the infamous “CDF for vote” scam during the erstwhile govt which was prominently covered by media, Mr. Singh pointed out that the Hon’ble Governor NN Vohra had himself ordered an enquiry during the erstwhile regime into the abuse of CDF grants by MLAs at the fag end of their tenure for promotion of their political interests which unfortunately had been thrown under the carpet by the bureaucracy at the behest of corrupt politicians.
Mr. Singh said that he had repeatedly filed RTIs seeking the report of the enquiry committee on the subject but the Planning Deptt had come out with the same reply on each occasion that enquiry was under process.  Not only should the Hon’ble Governor seek ATR with respect to the said earlier enquiry ordered by him but the members of suspended Assembly have to be categorically told that they have no right to exercise such financial powers till a final decision with regard to the fate of Assembly was taken, said Harsh.
Prominent among those who spoke on the occasion included Rajesh Padgotra, Gagan Partap Singh, Shanker Singh Chib, Rajeshwar Singh Sambyal, Capt. Narotam Singh, K.K Sharma, Rajesh Gondhi, Nirmal Kishore, Vishab Singh, Shankaar Singh Sanju, Minku Sambyal, Arun Khajuria, Mohinder Singh, Rashpaul Singh, Udhayveer Singh, S. Gurvinder Singh, Brijpaul Singh, V.D Sharma, Darshan Singh, Gurjeet Singh, Rohit Sharma, Man Singh, Rakesh Verma, Joginder Singh, Jeevan Sharma besides others.
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