Children at Natrang’s Theatre Camp are setting novice trends by exploring new horizons of creativity and innovation and are experimenting alternative ways of self exploration through the vibrant art of theatre. Natrang organises a children theatre camp every year for forty-five days since the year 1990. This is the only platform for children in Jammu where children get an out of world exposure of art and culture. They are provided immense opportunities to explore their hidden talents. While discussing details of this initiative of Natrang, it's director Balwant Thakur informed that everywhere the work of creativity with children is being done as a fashion. But in Natrang, highly experienced and trained people work in infusing creativity amongst children. While others after school hours remain attracted to the idiot box (Television) or may be sleeping at home, these children have found an amazing space where they are equipping themselves with multiple abilities and qualities. Theatre is not only making them confident but also enriching them with intellect and art of self expression.
Natrang is the only theatre organisation of the country which runs a weekend club for children. This club works on Saturdays and Sundays and children get diverse kind of training in personality development, public speaking, organizing the self and self exploration through theatre.
The organisation ia all set to devise a  year long theatre training programme to make children aware of their own self-actualization with the help of experts training them. The curriculum of this year-long theatre programme is conceptualized and designed by Padamshree Balwant Thakur who has provided a new dimension to the Children Theatre of the Country with his highly innovative Children Plays like ‘Rang Badalti Duniya’ ‘Bhag Beta Bhaag’, Hum Hain Naa' Udaan' ‘Mere Hisse Ki Dhoop Kahan Hai’ and ‘Aap hamare Hain Kaun’.
In the past the experts to work with children have been coming from National and International institutions like, National School of Drama New Delhi and London International School of Performing Arts. The regular faculty include, Sumeet Sharma a National Awardee and also Masters in Dramatics,  Neeraj Kant- a veteran theatre artist who has an experience of 28 years of working with children and Aarushi Thakur, a young theatre director who is a product of St. Stephens, New Delhi and has done Masters from University of Leister, U.K.  Other than this many other experts of different art-fields like Music, Dance, Painting etc come as visiting faculty to impart a vast knowledge and exposure to the participants. Theatre not only trains actors or directors, but it teaches many skills which help its trainees to excel and lead in any field they opt as career. As Natrang is doing regular Children Theatre in the State for the last 28 years. In these years Natrang has trained, inspired and motivated thousands of children till now and most of them have excelled brilliantly in various fields be it acting, management, civil services, medicine, engineering, social work etc. It clearly establishes that no matter, what you aspire to become in life, the confidence, spontaneity, self-exploration, creativity, reasoning and discipline you imbibe while experiencing theatre, acts as your ultimate strength and motivational force for you to succeed and excel. Natrang takes pride in not only giving a new cultural and intellectual identity to this region but also have produced best of the human resource through these kinds of initiatives.
The children who are participating the workshop includeSatyam Mehra, Vaibhav Suri, Vedhant Suri, Namish Mahajan, Anubhav Sharma, Varalika Sharma, Aishwarya Kichlu, Ritvik Baru, Ojasvi Goswami, Angel Sharma, Meenakshi Sharma, Simran Nag, Mannat Soni, Aditi Gupta, Namisha Mahajan, Antrikeshdeep Singh Nag, Siddhant Gupta,  Samaksh Gupta, Xenia Nagpal, Daksh Kapoor, Daiwik Sharma , Arav Goel, Arnav Gupta, Soujanya Shekhar, Saanvi Anand, Rajveer Anand, Saksham Gupta, Devisha Gour, Srishti Kapoor, Sehar Sharma, Manyata Vaishnavi Mehra, Aviral Kapoor, Bhagya Sharma , Rithvik Khajuria, Aaryan kichlu, Abhinandan Nangla, Devika Gupta, Kushaan Baliya, Suhani Gupta, Droan Dushyant Kohli, Anah Sharma, Palshin Dutta and Raghav Sharma.
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