Former minister and Ex M.P. Madan Lal Sharma has said that tenure of  BJP-PDP has proved as big failure in the J&K State.
Addressing Block Congress Committee members at Akhnoor today Madan Lal Sharma blamed previous BJP- PDP Govt for its  utter failure on all fronts and misleading Jammu people with loud  and false promises.
He said that BJP- PDP Government has failed in addressing the real issues of public interest like ration, power and proper connectivity of  roads across the State. Expressing serious concern over scarcity of ration, precarious power situation and bad connectivity of  roads across the State, Mr Sharma said that the shortage of ration in Jammu region speaks about the insensitivity  and callousness of the previous Govt.
The tenure of  previous PDP BJP Govt has been full of doubts, tall promises falling flat, loud rhetoric and confusions. He said that people are absolutely disillusioned by the failure of  this Govt. People had lot of expectations as there was “Modi Sarkar” in the Center but look how people continue to suffer.
Sh Sharma said that the BJP has surrendered all the interests of Jammu region.”Be it the issue of Common Civil Code,Art 370, the BJP which got all seats from Jammu region, surrendered everything.
Sharma said BJP’s stand on blaming others for its failures will not serve any purpose as the people are aware of party’s nefarious designs.

Speaking on the occasion Former Minister Sham Lal Sharma said that the government has fallen and the Assembly has been placed under suspended animation which is totally wrong. The constitution states that if any of the political party is not in a position to form the government, the Assembly needs to be dissolved.
He said that the state assembly should be dissolved immediately & fresh elections should take place as soon as appropriate.
Sh Sham said that since the state assembly is in suspended animation,the role of MLA has altogether become ineffective and they are drawing their salaries without any work.
He further said that it is a big drain on the state exchequer. He appealed governor to dissolve the assembly immediately for these reasons. Not only this BJP is busy in horse trading of MLA’s for which they have vast experience,as they have done this in other parts of the country after elections,here they have also started this practice of horse trading to come in power again.
This move of BJP is undemocratic and unconstitutional. Therefore to avoid all this the best answer is dissolution of state assembly.
“This was an unholy alliance and it was expected to break from day one. They had betrayed the people of the Jammu and supporters sought votes on opposing agendas.”he added.
Blaming the erstwhile NDA regime for its "muted response" to the country's security needs and killings of troopers and civilians, Ex Minister Sdr Manjeet Singh said the BJP should remember how many armed forces personnel were killed during its tenure.
He said the number of civilians killed in Jammu and Kashmir during  the tenure of the BJP-PDP increased. He further said the situation at the country's borders is "alarming" as scores of terror attacks have taken place in the last three years and scores of soldiers and civilians have lost their lives.
He said during the UPA regime, the number of deaths in firing was the lowest.But in Modi regime tremendous increase in ceasefire violation has been seen.
He said the time had come for the people of Jammu region to punish the BJP for the “total let-down on all fronts”, particularly for reneging on the promise of restoring the prestige of the area by eradicating regional discrimination.
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